Lego Helmet

This is the first of many Lego creations I will post on this blog. Before I begin, however, I should explain a few Lego-related things that I will be using often. In the Lego community, a creation is called a MOC (My Own Creation, pronounced “mock”). The two main websites on which builders share MOCs are MOCpages and Flickr. Many of the MOCs I will be posting are not mine. If this is the case, I will link to the builder’s homepage on either (or both) MOCpages and Flickr. And now, without further ado, here is one of my builds.

Click the above image to view the entire gallery.

I built this for a contest on MOCpages. The contest, called the MocAthalon, consisted of over 20 teams with five builders each. Each team had to attempt to complete as many of thirty categories as they could during the month of March. The category for which I built this helmet was “future technology.” I simply had to build a piece of technology I thought people might use at some point in the future. Now, of course, it did not need to be life-sized. But I wanted to build a wearable helmet. And I did. In three days, no less.


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