Review: 70723 Thunder Raider

The next set review:
Theme: Ninjago.
MSRP: 29.99 USD.
Minifigs: 3.
You can find it on Amazon here.


The set comprises a mech, a blue vehicle, and a turret for the bad ninja-droid.


It has the blue ninja, Jay, the black ninja, Cole, and something that the box calls a “Nindroid.” I don’t know anything about the Ninjago storyline, so these figs don’t really mean much to me. I do like them, however. Those bandannas will be useful. The Nindroid is also pretty cool.


I like this blue vehicle quite a bit. It has an attack mode, shown here, and a driving mode, shown in the first picture above. One thing that LEGO did that I’m really impressed with is using this piece to connect with this piece. It holds on quite nicely, but not so strongly that the set comes apart when you separate them. The reason I’m impressed is that this is an official LEGO set. They don’t normally use techniques like this. If I saw this in a fan MOC, I wouldn’t be that surprised, but in an official set? Nicely done, LEGO, nicely done.


The other part of the set is this mech. It’s very sturdy, and quite fun to play with. It stood up to an hour and a half of four-year-old play with no trouble whatsoever. No exciting techniques here, but it’s still very nice.


And now for why I got this set: the pieces. These are a lot of the pieces that I’m really excited about. Most likely, my favorites are the A-frames and these. There are eight of them in black. Also, I really like the four black spoiler pieces. I think that this is the only set that has black ones.

Pros: The vehicles are both pretty sturdy, they look cool, the set has some awesome pieces, I really like some of the designers’ techniques, and it has a low price-to-part ratio.
Cons: I think that if more attention was paid to aesthetics, it could have been even cooler.

Final rating: 4 out of 5.


2 thoughts on “Review: 70723 Thunder Raider”

  1. I would find it more helpful if you gave the piece name instead of simply saying “this” or “these”. For example, “Slope, Curved 2 x 1 No Studs” or whatever. If you think that’s too obtrusive, you could use “slope” as your link text and put the full description in the link title.
    Just a suggestion.

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