Hobbit Teaser

San Diego Comic-Con has been going full swing since late last week, and lots of cool teasers, posters, and the like about upcoming movies have been released and leaked. The most notable (in my opinion): yesterday, the first trailer for the Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies was released. Technically, it’s not even a real trailer, but just a teaser. I don’t really care. This is the first official material released about the third Hobbit movie, and it looks awesome. Go on, watch it several times. You know you want to.

Why does December have to be so far away?


2 thoughts on “Hobbit Teaser”

  1. Howdy, dude! Did you know that all the trailers for the movie, including the TV spots, have been released? You can find links to all of them on my home page on MOC Pages! Please check them out!!!

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