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This Blog is Global!

I was looking at my blog’s history this afternoon, and I saw this:

blog views

It turns out I’ve gotten views from all over the world! Five out of the seven continents are represented here. Pretty cool, no?


LEGO Glossary!

I’ve compiled an enormous glossary of LEGO terms. I know this has been done a few times before, but I’m pretty sure this is the largest glossary out there. It’s the largest one I’ve seen, at any rate. This is, for the most part, to let you, the reader, know what I mean when I’m talking about SNOT, LURPs, BURPs, and figbarf (just to list some of the odd-sounding ones).


That subtle red arrow should make it fairly easy to find.

What Will Follow

This blog is a chronicle of my adventures as a teenage geek. What will it entail? Whims and flights of fancy. LEGO. Lord of the Rings. Action movies. Adrenaline. Perhaps even several forays into math and science. I will not balk at, nor will I be ashamed of, randomness and unexpected subjects. I plan to blog about anything and everything that interests me.

What will follow? I invite you to join me and find out.