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The Empire Striketh Back

I smell something Wookiee in the system of Dantooine….

I’ve been reading Ian Doescher’s Star Wars books. Far from normal Star Wars books, these tell the story of the Original Trilogy as Shakespeare might have written it: in glorious iambic pentameter.

Here’s the version of the intro from “Verily, A New Hope.”
Star wars shakespeare

He also has versions of Episodes V and VI: The Empire Striketh Back and The Jedi Doth Return.

These books are great. I love ’em.

Verily, what a nerd doth I be.


When worlds collide…

Literally, in this case.

Planet impact

I’ve been fiddling around in Gimp lately, and this is what I came up with. Gimp (which stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program) is a powerful and popular photo-editing program. You can download it for free here. Isn’t freeware great? Gimp is very powerful, and can do things from creating images to extensively editing existing images. It has a plethora of brushes, filters, and plug-ins. For example, the sun in this picture was generated by a plug-in. I just had to enter the size and color.
This image, aside from a few stock textures for the planets, was created entirely in Gimp.

Gimp isn’t that intuitive, but once you become familiar with the interface, you can do practically anything. To get used to the controls, I’d recommend going through a few internet tutorials.

Suffice to say, I really like Gimp. And the $0.00 you pay for it makes it even better.

Bow Before Me, Stubborn Numbers!

Recently, I was told about a number game. Since I’m sort of a number-oriented person, it appealed to me. And after several weeks and 4 (yes, I’ve counted) tantalizing almost-wins, I’ve finally beaten it. It’s called 2048, and the object is to combine tiles until you reach the 2048 tile. When the board fills up and no more moves can be made, it’s game over. Before you start playing (if you haven’t already) I have to say this: it’s extremely addictive. If you do not want to spend hours staring at an LCD screen, do not play it.


Blissful, glorious proof. Beat the game. Now you go do it.