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The Underminer

Grant Davis posted this hilarious build about a day in the life of a medieval sapper.

As Grant says in the build’s description, “Mine underneath the castle wall they said, it’ll be easy they said…”


The Empire Striketh Back

I smell something Wookiee in the system of Dantooine….

I’ve been reading Ian Doescher’s Star Wars books. Far from normal Star Wars books, these tell the story of the Original Trilogy as Shakespeare might have written it: in glorious iambic pentameter.

Here’s the version of the intro from “Verily, A New Hope.”
Star wars shakespeare

He also has versions of Episodes V and VI: The Empire Striketh Back and The Jedi Doth Return.

These books are great. I love ’em.

Verily, what a nerd doth I be.

Operation Frostbite

A M posted this funny (and somewhat creepy) snowman.

Click the image for the link to the gallery.

A M built this for Mike Doyle’s Beautiful Lego 2: Dark contest. Essentially, the best builds from the contest will be included in Mike’s next Lego book. His first book, Beautiful LEGO (Amazon), is a collection of some of the best MOCs in the Lego community. Now, he’s publishing a second one with the theme “Dark”. All the MOCs in there will have some sort of dark connotation, from dark chocolate to ancient monsters.

You can read more about the contest on Mike’s blog or MOCpages.